Thursday, July 18, 2013

Clash of the Titans 2010 English DVD Torrent Download

Clash of the Titans (2010)

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Clash of the Titans torrent

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Year: 2010
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Director: Louis Leterrier
Starring: Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes

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Perseus, the mortal son of Zeus, for the minions of hell in order to prevent them from conquering the earth and the sky.
Ah, the beginning of the summer action film. Admittedly, the film show in the previous year, according to the word of mouth is pretty low expectations for the Titans and the Clash. On top of that, be something suspicious, showed the most crucial choice. So what is my verdict? Well, I did not hate it? The Titans are not very simple? almost to a fault. This is an action sequence as quickly as possible, trying to get another, if not in a hurry, often working in film. At the end of each of these fights scenes oppstari kind of guardian angel Perseus, Io (Gemma Arterton) is provided by the exhibit anything other than the short segments. The film is really going on, and never, when it comes to the action sequences, so that none of them ended up being particularly memorable, it feels soullessAnd. Honestly, I 3D screenings were sold out at this time, I'm glad - About half of them are angry, even to the point where they're almost amazing. Moreover, Worthington's character (and not even all likable) than the almost character development, so I really never cared about the outcome or the action sequences. As I mentioned earlier, my biggest fear Titans in terms of acting, and thankfully, most of the characters are doing what is expected of them. Neeson Zeus aside, none of the performances really stand out, but nothing cringe-worthy theyre eitherUltimately, Clash of the Titans, and with a few gaping plot holes as a piece of entertainment has forgotten-or-miss action sequences and performances do not leave an impression. This is horrible? Only empty.

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